The Department of Sociology has been a significant department of the college. Man is a social animal and as such the subject an

IMG 20191001 WA0024academic as well as social significance as it acquaints students with different aspects of the society and nuances of social behavior and negotiations between different social and ethnic groups.

Right from the very inception of the college, the department has been attracting the young aspirant students of the locality and providing intellectual food to their inquisitive minds. Due to the growing number of students opting to pursue Sociology as their Major subject of study recently, the Major course of the Dept. was introduced in 2016. The inquisitive pursuit of the students and the dedication of the faculty have brought fruit, showing colorful results in the University examinations every consecutive year. The department provides a friendly atmosphere amidst young energetic faculty members. The departmental wall magazine ' Khooj 'provides a fertile platform for students to give expression to their indepth and creative thinking.

The present faculty members are:

1. Mr. Bodan Ch. Borah   (HoD)  (M.A. NET)

2. Mr. Arun Borah   (M.A.)

3. Mr. Sanjib Kr. Dutta  (M.A., M.Phil, B.Ed.,NET)

Vission of the Department: To pursue a continuous understanding of the problems and prospects of building a better society.

Mission of the Department: To cultivate scientific and analytical study of society.